People think a music supervisor’s job is to just listen to music and choose songs. And yes, this is part of it but there’s a whole lot more. It entails overseeing all music aspects for the respective project, which could be a tv series, film, web series, advertising, trailers, video games, podcasts, and even theme park attractions. Any visual medium needs music. A music supervisor needs to be well-versed in all genres and eras of music. The music supervisor works closely with the director, producer, and the creative team of decision-makers which can include studio and network executives. It can be extremely collaborative to come up with the musical vision, style, and tone of the project. And it might start with one direction and change throughout the process, Important skills include but are not limited to are creativity, technical and music business knowledge, organization of materials, scheduling, and time management. The process starts in pre-production (script stage), production, post-production, and in many cases through marketing. You will be coming up with and collaborating with composers, bands, songwriters, on-camera performers, choreographers, contractors, music producers and engineers, and sound departments. Also, you will be negotiating and working with business affairs and legal, publishing companies, record labels, and talent agencies. You work hand in hand with editors, music editors, and various members of the production team. Overseeing all aspects of the budget concerning all music-related costs. Turning in all elements on time and within budget. Deliver all music elements, recordings, quote requests, clearances of Synchronization and Master use licenses, confirmation letters, end title credits, and music cue sheets.