Turn your Love of Music, Film, TV and Gaming into the best job in the world - a Music Supervisor.

"It's always been a mystery how to become a music supervisor but I'll share with you everything I know from my 20+ years experience.  A music supervisor chooses the songs and background music for film, television,  games and other media and works with the creative team of directors, producers, and editors to come up with the style, tone and musical vision. It's also budgeting, collaborating with songwriters and musicians, on camera musical performances, working with composers, record labels, music publishers, music clearance, music cue sheets as well as how to organize your day to day work flow.  Come join me to learn the ins and outs of music supervision."

- Jennifer Pyken  

Music Supervisor for This Is Us, Workaholics, Game Over Man!, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Alias, Lost, Felicity, Las VegasHappy Gilmore, The Package, MTV'S Undressed, and Adam Devine's House Party

Meet Jennifer Pyken

Emmy-nominated music supervisor

Meet your instructor, who has music supervised over a 1,000 episodes of television and dozens of movies. Jennifer loves sharing her knowledge and has taught music supervision at UCLA extension. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Supervision for This Is Us and won the Guild of Music Supervisors award for Best Drama for This Is Us. Her credits include Workaholics, Game Over, Man!, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Felicity, Alias, Lost, Las Vegas, The Neighbors, Boston Public, Summerland, Life Partners, The Package, The Healing Powers of Dude, Adam Devine's House Party, Betas, The Perfect Score, Lush, Stevie TV, The Last Seduction, Heavy, MTV's Undressed, Happy Gilmore.


The three C's of Music Supervision

  • Creativity

    How to find and choose songs and audition them to picture. The creative process.

  • Collaboration

    What it’s like to collaborate with a Director, Producer, Editor, Music Editor, Songwriters, Composers, Record labels and Music publishers.

  • Clearance

    How to clear and negotiate song rights with record labels and publishers and manage the music budget.

"If you want to learn from the best music sup in the business look no further than Jen Pyken. Every crucial music choice we made in the early seasons of This Is Us - that was all Jen. She’s the absolute best"

Dan Fogelman - Creator, "This is Us"

Course curriculum

    1. Meet Jennifer Pyken

    2. Mentors

    3. What is Your Musical Story

    4. Assignment 1: What's your musical story? (Download PDF to be able to save your work)

    1. What is Music Supervision

    2. Creative Process

    3. Film vs TV

    4. Pre-Production - Production - Post-Production

    5. Pre-production, Production, Post-production & Work Flow

    6. My Team

    7. Interview with Michelle Silverman - Music Supervisor

    8. Interview with Ann Kline - Music Supervisor

    9. Assignment 2: Ten Days of Playlists (Download PDF to be able to save your work)

    1. Breaking Down a Script: Spotting Notes

    2. Spotting Notes

    3. Spotting Session

    4. Assignment 3: Spotting Notes (Download PDF to be able to save your work)

    1. Creating the Music Budget

    2. Music Budgeting

    3. Being Flexible

    4. 4.3 - Interview with Lindsay Wolfington

    5. Assignment 4: Create a Music Budget (Download PDF to be able to save your work)

    1. Choosing Songs

    2. Putting Songs to Picture

    3. Interview with Kyle Newacheck - Actor, Producer, Director

    4. Let's Talk About Music Libraries

    5. Temp Music

    6. Where Do I Find Music?

    7. This is Us Case Study

    8. Organizing My Music

    9. Interview with Tim Bern of DISCO platform

    10. Assignment 5: Song Ideas (Download PDF to be able to save your work)

    1. Hiring a Composer

    2. Interview with Michael Tavera - Film & TV Composer

    3. Collaborating with a Composer

    4. Interview with Danail Getz - Trailer Composer

    5. Spotify Original Podcast Showstopper - This is Us - ft. Siddhartha Khosla & Jennifer Pyken

    6. Assignment 7: Listen to a Score (Download PDF to be able to save your work)

About this course

  • $597.00
  • 95 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content

Start your journey now.

  • Get Inspired

    Jennifer shares detailed information from her real life music supervision experiences. She also interviews top industry professionals - a Producer, Director, Editor, Music Editor, Musicians, Songwriters, Record label executives, Music Publisher, Music Supervisors, and Indie Music representatives. And step by step slide presentations.

  • Learn by Doing

    Assignments and exercises to sharpen your music supervision skills. Downloadable spreadsheets, sample documents and contracts, templates and Jennifer’s go to list of indie music licensing companies, music libraries, a book list and a glossary.

  • Mentorship

    One hour small group mentorship on Zoom with Jennifer Pyken to ask any course related questions, as well as questions about music supervision for film, TV and games. Mentee spots are currently full - check back in August 2024.

What Students Are Saying

Lana F.

“I’m really glad that I found out about this course and music supervision as a whole this early in my life. As someone who is really into music and film, I feel like I have learned a great way to intermix it.”

Mitch H.

“Jennifer Pyken’s Mastercourse gives you all the tools you need to enter into a career of Music in Film/Television. I began the course with an interest and a passion, and left the course with the knowledge to turn that passion into a career.”

Amber A.

“If you want to become a Music Supervisor or if you are unsure about your career goals in the music industry, take this Mastercourse! Through insightful videos and interviews, Jennifer Pyken’s course taught me everything I need to know to feel confident about pursuing this career. Jennifer not only shares her extensive knowledge and experience of Music Supervision and the music industry in general, but she also graciously provides her stories and insights, as well as fantastic material!”

Victoria N.

“Not only has listening to the multiple experienced music supervision and entertainment industry experts through this Music Supervision Mastercourse inspire me, but this course has also given me an in-depth explanation of every aspect of music supervision, something that I have not been able to find anywhere else. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a career in the music industry, whether on the creative or the business side.”

Abby B.

“If you want to learn about music supervision, there is no one better to learn from than Jennifer. She is truly a master in the field and an expert in the music industry. This course is filled with insightful interviews, useful anecdotes, and everything you need whether you are just getting started or looking to hone in on the specifics.”

Student Testimonial

What Industry Professionals Say

“I’ve worked with Jennifer on multiple series and have known her for over a decade. She worked her creative magic with an efficient budget on all 7 seasons on Workaholics and she helped create the tone and feel of Netflix’s Healing Powers of Dude. She is always my first call on a new production and she should be your first call as well!” 

Dan Lubetkin Executive Producer - “Workaholics” & “The Healing Powers of Dude”

The bond between music supervisor and composer is one of the most important aspects of how music gets made for television and film. Jen is a legendary music supervisor, due to her impeccable taste in music and knowing how to find the perfect song for a scene, her smarts in navigating the business & legal side of licensing, and her kindness and ability to relate to anyone. We worked together on 'This is Us' among many other projects, and she has a great amount of knowledge to impart on anyone interested in learning music supervision, even those who are already in the business looking to hone their craft."

Sidd Khosla - Composer "This Is Us"

"I was excited to hear that Jen is offering a class in music supervision.  When I started my indie licensing/publishing company 15 years ago, Jen was one of the first supervisors willing to help me fine tune how to most effectively pitch music to her and other music supervisors.  I learned which songs to send, which ones not to send, how to share songs and the overall flow of business so that we could become a trusted resource for her.  Jennifer is great at figuring out the musical landscape for a tv show and has thus been hired for projects where music plays a very important role.  Working primarily with independent artists who own all of their music, it can be life changing for them to have a song considered for any of her projects. "

Lynn Grossman - Secret Road Music Services

"Music choices and placement can be that final piece of secret sauce that transforms and elevates a film or show in a near mystical way. I always found Jen to be a great collaborator who was able to listen,  understand and come up with choices that felt organically baked into the world we were trying to set."

Christian Hoffman - Editor Workaholics, Reno 911!, The Package, Key and Peele